Business District

Increase your profit line, improve team cohesiveness, resolve conflicts, develop success strategies.

Navigating Relationships in Business

Each organization, whether a corporation, small business, hospital, government agency, military or non-profit, requires teams of people working together to accomplish their goals.


We help individuals and/or groups:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Learn to work with different personality types
  • Use individual strengths and interests to build effective teams that
    • Tackle projects
    • Generate sales
    • Provide products and services
    • Interact with customers
    • Strengthen the organization

How we work

Based on your organization’s needs, we offer a three step process.

Step 1 – We start with Individual or group assessment for personal success, utilizing the True Colors Personality Assessment.

Step 2 – Following these assessment/s we customize a training schedule that meets the organization’s objectives and time commitment. We work with individuals and/or groups of up to 35 people. Sessions can be broken down into hourly or half day segments. Typically, the first session reviews personality types and how teams work together. The second half day session identifies problems and helps to create solutions.

Step 3 – We provide interactive training exercises to reinforce active learning and equip you with tools for success.

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