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Understanding teaching styles and personality learning styles will make an impact on your school, career, and your students!

Paving the Way in Education

If you’re an educator seeking effective strategies and tools to create a successful learning environment for your students, Relationship Avenues offers an evidenced-based experiential training program that is designed to help.

We work with individuals and/or teams to:

  • Understand and utilize different communication styles
  • Create a positive classroom experience
  • Resolve and minimize conflicts through restorative practices
  • Build trust and respect
  • Improve interaction with students and parents
  • Increase student performance
  • Support at risk learners

How we help

We offer a positive professional development program that is based on your classroom’s or school’s needs.
Step 1 – We start with Individual or group assessments for personal success, utilizing the True Colors Personality Assessment.
Step 2 – Following these assessment/s, we identify different social and emotional learning and communication styles and customize a program that meets your objectives and time commitment.
Step 3 – We provide an online interactive curriculum that shows you how to use different tools to make adjustments to help create the ideal learning environment for student success.

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As a Social Worker an intricate part of my job is to help people understand themselves as well as help peer mediate and resolve conflict. Thank you, Relationship Avenues for training our students and staff. We look forward to having you on our annual training roster for all our schools and staff!

Yeatonia Martin

“After graduating from Michigan State University with a BA in Advertising, I was nervous and unsure how to enter the job market. I decided to get a career coach to assist me and I’m glad I did! Coach Bozeman was very attentive and with great detail helped me learn about myself; my strengths, talents, values, and areas I need support. After my personal success career development plan was put in place, not only has my confidence increased about my skills but I’m optimistic about searching for the right career. Thanks Coach for standing by my side!”
Rob Stonik